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Based in Geelong, Master Your Money Now, part of Vista Financial Group, is a people-first financial planning and education company with over 10 years of experience. We specialise in helping millennial nurses and teachers build wealth, understand super, protect their loved ones and invest so they can retire earlier and with more in their pocket.

Our team is different from other financial planners because we not only want you to have a tailored solution, but also educate you about your finances. We regularly speak to everyday Australians both individually and in group settings, teaching and empowering people with practical financial skills we should have been taught in school.

In short, we make money easy to understand and we want to help everyday Australians like yourself.


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We believe that the best way to showcase our commitment to excellence is by letting our customers speak for us. Their testimonials serve as a testament to the trustworthiness and reliability of our service
Chris has given me excellent advice. All throughout I had the impression he only had the best intentions for the financial well-being of his customers. I liked how the gathered all important information quickly, synthesized it and educated me about what would work best in my situation. He quickly grasped what I already knew and what info I was lacking. That way we spent time on talking about the important individual aspects and not just generalized talk. Chris seemed to have deep insight into different aspects we discussed and was generous with his advice. I can only highly recommend.
Li B.
We have valued and appreciated the advice, guidance and planning from Chris and his team. From little understanding around our finances and goals we wanted to achieve to navigating and securing our future especially in the event of something happening to family and knowing we have a few things in place to support our kids. We highly recommend MYMN for whatever you may need in the future
Jas A.
Very happy with Chris and the advice he is happy to give in a pinch. Nothing is ever too hard and he’s always happy to field my random financial questions. Plus his depth of knowledge is simply outstanding.
Raigan H.
Having had no formal training myself in how to handle my finances. Master Your Money Now has provided me with expert advice and guidance on how to best handle my super and insurances. Chris is an incredibly knowledgeable, approachable and professional financial planner, who takes the complex world of finances and guides you with simple, achievable and practical steps to set-up a better future. Would highly recommend to anyone!
Joshua R.
We have been working with Chris as a Financial Planner and more recently a Mortgage Broker as we just purchased a new house in the Geelong area. He has done a fantastic job helping us plan our finances and determine how much we can afford on a new house. Since making the purchase he has been working with the bank to make sure everything gets done before settlement.
Nathan P.
Since we first made contact with Chris of MYMN we have only had a positive experience. Before we had Chris's help we were not budgeting well and saving much at all, and didn't have our insurances in order. We wanted to become the best we could in our financial situations to set us up for future success. In just over a year we have managed to save for a house deposit and an emergency fund. The process was absolutely seamless and you are treated like a VIP. I know of others who have had the same experience with MYMN. We will be using MYMN services for a long time to come. MYMN's team are friendly, supportive and makes you feel comfortable when it comes to talking about your financial situations.
Chris has been our financial advisor for 3 years now, he has set us up for a perfect retirement, we are now worry free. I couldn’t recommend Chris highly enough to anyone who needs a financial advisor who is down to earth, friendly and just a good guy. You seriously can’t go past Chris from Master Your Money.
Julie E.
Having a young family, personal insurance was a must have. In 2021, getting a cancer diagnosis was something that shocked my family and me. Chris from MYMN was aware of my situation and his support in making an insurance claim eased the burden of financial stress during treatment. Thank you for making the claim process so easy! Couldn’t recommend a better financial planner.
Johnnie K.
Excellent meeting with our financial planner Chris. He has been amazing helping us navigate our finances and Centrelink. Chris is very knowledgeable and has given us lots of confidence our future will be wealthy.
Bob E.
I have found mour financial planner Chris to be amazing. He has set up our finances so we get the best returns. He is so easy to work with and explains very thing so I know what is happening to my finances. I highly recommend him.
Jennifer P.
We have been clients of Chris for three years now and are extremely happy with the financial and superannuation advice that he has provided over those years. We are confident that should anything happen, that we are completely covered and everything will be looked after. Would definitely recommend Chris for all your financial advice.
Blake M.
Our financial planner, Chris, has such a wealth of knowledge regarding all things financial. He's helped us to take leaps and bounds towards our financial goals by taking the time to really understand the uniqueness of our own financial position and implement strategies to see us thriving now and in the future. He's not only good at what he does but he makes sure to share his own understanding in ways that aren't baffling to someone who knows very little about the financial world.
Emma I.


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