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Stay ahead with the latest financial insights and market trends. Whether you're navigating market trends, making informed investment decisions, or exploring financial planning strategies, our content is designed to empower your financial journey.

You've Paid Off Your Mortgage! Now What?

Paid off your mortgage? Woo-hoo! Break out the champagne and celebrate the freedom you must now feel!

The Seven Levels of Investors According to Robert Kiyosaki

I have been just reading “The Cashflow Quadrant: The Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom” by Robert Kiyosaki, author of the well known, must read, financial classic, “Rich Dad Poor Dad...

Three Common Mistakes a First Home Buyer Makes

Owning your own home is the ultimate Australian dream.Whilst we all want to achieve this, it is somewhat disheartening to see...

What's Your Debt-To-Income Ratio? And Why Do Lenders Care About It?

New data from the lending watchdog reveals almost one in four new mortgages are risky. How are they deemed risky? Well, it’s got something...

How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Underquoting

It’s the hope that kills you. Just ask Carlton fans, NSW Blues supporters, Wallabies sufferers, and hopeful homebuyers...



At Vista Financial Group, we understand that each individual's financial journey is distinct. Whether you are nearing retirement or looking to buy your first home, our team of seasoned financial advisers and mortgage brokers are here to guide you every step of the way.

21 WAYS TO SAVE $21,000 IN 12 MONTHS

Facing rising costs and interest rates? This eBook offers 21 tailored money-saving tips for Australian millennials to save $21,000 in a year. Your unique financial situation matters, but every step counts. Let's take control of your finances and start saving today.


The Reality Cheque: Talking About the True Value of Advice


The Reality Cheque: Buying Your First Home


Zurich Podcast Spotlight: AFA Rising Star Award Winner's Journey



We serve as your go-to source for enhancing your financial wisdom and fostering empowerment. Our webinars are carefully crafted to provide you with expert insights, and strategies. Whether you're a seasoned investor, planning for retirement, or just starting your financial journey, our webinars offer valuable guidance tailored to your needs.


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