Why You Need A Holiday

As I write this, I am currently 35,000 feet in the air somewhere above central USA, flying between New York and Los Angeles.

While most people are enjoying a movie or sleep (especially my wife beside me), I write articles about Mastering Your Money. My wife thinks I am a little different…

If there is one thing I regret about my 20s is that I didn’t travel more.

Growing up in the country we never had the opportunity to do this (as most farmers do) as sheep and cattle don’t take holidays either.

As I was never exposed to it, it never really was a dream of mine.

It was only until my mid 20s that I started to get the travel bug.

At this stage I had moved to Melbourne and was hanging around “city folk” who were regularly taking trips to all four corners of the globe.

A little app called Instagram was also becoming popular which became the number one symptom of travel envy (and food envy for that matter).

Then I met and married my wife, who growing up in Auckland used to travel with her family and friends all over the place.

She even spent four months in Malawi, Africa on a volunteer trip (she is a nurse so her skills are invaluable in any country, let alone a third world country).

My wife and I have made it a priority to travel and I strongly advise for you to do the same.

We live in a beautiful world with plenty to see, do and experience. Someone smart said that travelling is the best investment you can make and I totally agree with this.

I Don’t NEED A Holiday

However, if you are like early 20s me, you will see travel as a want, not a need, which I totally agree.

When I teach my budgeting course I talk about the difference between wants and needs and how you should be focusing more on needs before wants.

When I say this, I am directing this to people who are really struggling to make ends meet.

These people are either crippled in debt and struggling to pay it down, are so poor they are unable to put food on the table, or a combination of both.

If you are in this situation, your first priority is to stabilise your financial situation so ensure you and your family are able to make ends meet.

For everyone else though, I also believe that life is too short to just have what we “need.”

Let’s be honest, we want to live a life beyond just our “needs”. We want the nice clothes, the fancy cars and the travel as well.

As your financial planner, there is nothing wrong with this. Seriously!

There is a perception out there that as your financial planner I am going to tell you to invest all of your money and you should live on bread and water for the rest of your days.

That will make you a tightarse, and I don’t want to make you a tightarse. You can obtain the nice things in life, but you have to be smart about it.

If you are paying yourself first and implementing the Power of 30 (amongst other things) and you have the money set aside for travel, reward yourself and go on a holiday!

Studies show that if you are working full time, you need a two week break at least every year (and if the studies don’t show this, I will say you need a two week break at least every year).

Your travel plans should also include “mini breaks” like a long weekend away somewhere in Australia or getting in the car and going camping.

I’m not telling you how to holiday – I’m just saying that once you get your finances sorted you should be making holidays a need, not a want.

Create a vision board

Do you remember the book and movie “The Secret?”

It was a craze back in the early 2000s where the claim was you could have everything in life if you speak it out into the universe.

If you haven’t seen it, don’t. Ultimately I think it is a crock (and it is a painful movie to watch).

But I do believe in visualisation. I do believe the more you “see” something, the more likely you will achieve it.

Myself and many successful people I know have their goals stuck up on a wall in their bedroom or office so they see them everyday day.

Everyday they see them, it is a trigger that this is what they want.

Everyday they see them, and the mind starts thinking about creative ways they can achieve those goals.

Everyday they see them, they are reminded about why they get up every day, go to work and make the sacrifices they are going to make.

Do you have a vision board?

Do you have somewhere which shows what you want in life? It doesn’t matter if these goals are for your career, family, relationships, fitness, travel or whatever it may be.

If you have a dream, get a picture of it or write it out and stick it on a wall. Don’t put it in a “journal”, computer, cupboard or Facebook, put it up on a wall in your house so you can see it every day.

Want to see the Pyramids in Egypt or the Eiffel Tower in France?

Want to see an EPL match at Stamford Bridge or watch the Formula One in Monaco?

Want to see the Amazon River or climb Mount Everest?

Get photos of where you want to travel and see it every day.

Make a plan

Then, all you need is a plan!

Unfortunately, I see a lot of people who do travel overseas and get themselves into serious financial trouble.

I will discuss How To Enjoy Your Next Overseas Holiday Without Going Broke in another article (think of it as part two of this article).

But to recap, you need a holiday.

Travelling shouldn’t be a want, it should be a need.

Life is too short not to explore this great planet and experience all it has to offer.

You work hard for 40 hours a week (likely more) for 50 weeks per year, reward yourself with a holiday.

As your financial planner, I know for a fact that there is more to life than just making money.

But I also know that if you are not smart about it, you can get yourself into a lot of bad debt which will cost you a lot of money and enjoyment (including future holidays).

Money should be mastered so you can live the life you want to live. Not the other way around.

If this is a topic that you would like to discuss in more detail, please go to www.MasterYourMoneyNow.com.au/getstarted to book in your complimentary 30 minute strategy session.

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Disclaimer: This information is general information only. You should consider the appropriateness of this information with regards to your objectives, financial situation and needs. Past performance does not guarantee future returns.



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